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Wall Panel/ Head Board

Every wall holds the potential to become a branding opportunity, acoustic benefit, create an atmosphere or an aesthetic feature. Upholstered wall panelling offers aesthetic elegance, acoustic benefits and a softening effect to any interiors. Combine shapes, colours and textures for an incomparable design effect.

Custom design pin boards, feature panels or entire walls in a vast range of upholstery fabrics, leathers and vinyl for an appealing design. Various shaped and sized panels can be upholstered in your choice of fabric to compliment or contrast the surrounding interiors; get creative with upholstered panelling for a satisfactory design extra in any fitout.

Panels of the pinboard, felt, fabric, vinyl, leather and acoustic panel.

Upholstered wall panelling is ideal for large space, breakout areas, reception areas, lobbies, lecture rooms and collaboration areas, helping to absorb sound while creating an attractive aesthetic feature.

If you want to upholster wall panels, we can help. Our fabric protection services can refinish and clean wall panel upholstery, giving you panels that look as good as new, no matter what you have in mind. Our upholstery services come with years of experience that you can count on to get the professional solutions that you are looking for, no matter what you have in mind. Let us help you make your home look great, including with your wall panel or headboard upholstery. We’ll show you just how helpful our services can be and what we can do for your home, giving you all the professional services that you deserve in upholstery and fabric protection.