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Vehicle Upholstery

The term upholstery is not used very often in today’s digital age and even sounds archaic to many people who have never heard the term before. Vehicle upholstery requires the mastery of a specific knowledge and skill set including the use of specialized machinery and materials, especially in late model vehicles. Vehicle upholstery mainly refers to the recovering, reupholstering, of the seats and trim of a vehicle’s interior. The seats are the most commonly reupholstered part because they see the most damage and use.

Traditionally, reupholstering a vehicle’s seats has been completed by our experienced craftsman who must have the vehicle on site for disassembly, patterning, and reinstallation. The upholstery on most vehicle applications is attached to the frame and foam of the seat by means of plastic clips, hog-rings, and velcro.

Once these attachments are released, our upholstery will come off the seat frame and foam and is then able to be patterned and reproduced.  It also requires at least a few days of downtime for the vehicle.

We specialize in pre-sewn, ready-to-be-installed, vehicle leather interior kits, which can typically be installed in a single day.  We pattern the interiors of late model vehicles as they are released so that we can produce custom interiors on demand for our customer base.

For example,  the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado received a brand new interior from GM. We then arranged to receive a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado so that we could disassemble and pattern all the cloth pieces in the vehicle. Once the pieces are patterned, we then digitize these patterned pieces into our computer system as well as detailed sew order instructions so that they can be reproduced over and over again. For more information on this process, take a look at our production process page.

Our pattern archive goes back mainly to the mid-90s and has many of the vehicle patterns from that date forward.  We do have some patterns that are older than the mid-90s, but these are typically archive patterns which you should contact us directly on for more details and patter