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I’m really happy to have these two chairs now with proper seats. The one on the right is from today and is a little less poofy, but supportive and comfy. I’ll continue with the other two and then see what happens from there – finding the other chairs or working on the settee. The latter is less pressing. –Pam

I just got home from a long awful day at work and found the beautifully upholstered chair calmly waiting for me.  I don’t know how to tell you how handsome I think it is and how happy it makes me see the beat up, the faithful old chair that got me through long hours of reading in graduate school looking so dapper and ready to start a new life. The fabric is stunning and you have somehow managed to get all the lines going in the right directions. I think I will leave it in the middle of the living room as a work of art. What can I upholster next? The dining room table perhaps? The couch and ottoman that you did before were absolutely wonderful but this chair is life-altering!!!!! –Sasha

I am so pleased with my completed chair and so happy that I took the upholstery class. After a few Saturday mornings spent dismantling my chair, it was a great accomplishment to finally get to the base of it and to see its true potential. The staff were so helpful throughout the process, and I learned so much during our sessions. I truly learned the importance of measuring twice and cutting once, taking lots of pictures as the project progressed and the craft of blind sewing. Time well spent and so very happy with the outcome. Actually feeling confident enough to tackle my next upholstery project on my own, but happy to know that London Upholstery is not too far away if I get truly stuck. –Bruce

For those looking for upholstery services, check out London Upholstery. I just had a 50-year-old chair, (the last time it was reupholstered was in 1986, a few cats ago) reupholstered by them, and could not be happier with the outcome. Great fabric selection, advice and consultation, and a beautiful result. The turnaround in less than 3 weeks! The staff is knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, and provide great service. –Allen