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Furniture Cushion

Whether you own a sofa, wrap-around couch or loveseat, chances are your home is filled with Cushions. These cushions likely see a great deal of wear and tear from frequent use, leading some furniture owners to completely trash them and spend a fortune on new ones. However, thanks to our cushion slipcovers, you can effortlessly give any of your cushions a facelift within seconds. All of our custom upholstery is made-to-order, meaning you will get the exact size you need whether you own a massive couch or a humble living room chair. Do not trash your cushions – We can bring them back to life for less!

Furniture is paramount to a room’s overall decor.  Often, using slipcovers or re-upholstery is a fashionable and economical option for purchasing new furniture. Our expert craftsmen and seamstresses can bring new life to your furniture with custom re-upholstery or slipcovers.

Cushions and pillows offer fun, colourful, and flexible seating options. Select from standard shapes and sizes or design your own.

Cushions dress up your furniture, fitting tightly to go over the fabric and frame. Our custom cushions fit amazingly well and can look like upholstery to the untrained eye. Custom cushions can change the look of a room and extend the life of your furniture. They allow you to easily change the look of a room, preserving your furniture underneath. Cushions are also a practical choice for vacation houses and rental homes.