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Furnishing & styling home on budget because quality does not have to be expensive . . .

Custom Upholstery

Furnishing your living room with Custom Upholstery allows you to create a room with handcrafted and beautifully made pieces that are a perfect match for style, colour, and fabric. Mix pieces together to fit the size and shape of your room and provide comfortable seating for your family and for guests.

Our mission is to provide the best upholstery and custom-made furniture in the area.  With an extensive fabric library and an attached workshop, we are able to help with any size project.  Our attached workroom is outfitted to rebuild and restore precious antique furniture.  We can also design and fabricate custom cushions or furniture for tricky areas in your home when ready-to-buy just won’t do.

We pride ourselves in providing the best custom work in the area.  We are confident that everything that leaves our doors is the highest calibre of quality, and if any complications should arise, we are committed to coming up with the best solution.

Our custom furniture line is a blank canvas for exactly what you need to complete your living room.  Made by skilled artisans to fit your specifications, we can tailor each piece to fit a difficult space or specific need.  Have more options than the handful of neutral fabrics that big-box stores offer, and select the perfect fabric from our huge fabric library. Comfortable furniture that’s built to last, even in a high-use room.  Our catalogue of furniture profiles spans many styles, so you can choose exactly the right seating for any space.

We are here to help restore your favourite pieces. No job is too big or too small. We take pride in our ability to custom upholster an entire home full of furniture or simply save that treasured old upholstered friend with new cushion fill.

Custom Upholstery is also available for commercial upholstery projects for offices, hotels, restaurants, and more.