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Commercial Upholstery

Most business people would be amazed at how much cheaper it often is to reupholster than to buy new when it comes to business and restaurant grade furniture. Besides cost, you’ll have way more selection in terms of fabrics, foams and other custom details.

We carry a huge selection of commercial grade fabrics and vinyl’s suitable for applications ranging from waiting room furniture to cafeteria benches. In addition to upholstery, we can also re-finish woods or build you custom spec items from scratch.

The commercial upholstery is done by our staff who specializes in the manufacturing and reconditioning of standard and custom seating. From single booths to elaborate circular seating, we can meet all your seating needs. We also manufacture and fabricate custom upholstered products and decor items designed for special applications.

We take great pride in everything we create and in knowing that every piece of furniture that leaves our workroom is perfect. Our craftsmen analyze every piece of furniture that enters our shop to ensure that no detail is overlooked (this is usually done with the decorator or client present, to ensure that they completely understand and approve of our recommendations before the work begins).

Another aspect that differentiates us from some of the other businesses that offer upholstery services is that all of our craftsmen have been trained in the art of traditional upholstery, as well as modern upholstery. All of the upholstery is done on the premises, allowing customers to interact with professional upholsterers who can answer all of their questions and ensure that the furniture will be tailored to their specific requirements.